Communication and Cultural Studies - book serial

The study of communication and culture is one of the most dynamic fields of social sciences. The role of these disciplines has changed a lot during the past few decades, since they might be the most capable of describing the recent transformations of late modern societies.

The book serial is mainly based on researches carried out by the Department of Communication and Media Studies. Being rather variable thematically, the serial comprises collections of research papers, monographies and conference volumes on different topics. The books published in co-operation with Gondolat Publishing Company are as follows:

Communication and Cultural Studies Thesis Works - book series

Communication and Culture – Thesis Works is book serial based on the most excellent thesis works written by students of the department. The serial contains the following publications:

Magyari Beáta: Interests and Fears. Dynamics of Taking Risks Concerning the Construction of a Nuclear Waste Dump in Bátaapáti


(2013, Dissertations)

Other publications


Zoltán Fejős (ed.): Staged places

(Ethnographic Museum, 2011)


What new forms of knowledge can be acquired by examining tourism from the perspective of “staged worlds”? Analyzing the establishment of places, and looking at what are the regularities of creating artificial worlds, how do they connect to the case maps of everyday life, how do the possible interpretations become privileged?

What is the role of fantasy and imagination in tourism? What utopias serve as a base for the different synthetic worlds, where do their forepictures originate from, what kind of selecting processes helped them to remain? How does the physically existing places become pictures (and vice versa), who are responsible for the creation of various pictures? What are their intentions, conceptions; who are those, who actively participate in the creation of “staged places”, and those, who are only passively victims of those processes?

Contents (in Hungarian) 1.

Contents (in Hungarian) 2.