Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programme of Cultural Sciences


The programme aims to deal with the social and cultural study of representational systems and symbolic mechanisms of modern and late modern societies. The curriculum has five thematic modules through which the programme approaches to the main dimensions of the cultural system and cultural logic of modern societies. The modules are the following: Cultural Theories of Modernism; Symbolic Mechanisms of the Organization of Society; Tradition, Heritage, Museum; Popular Culture and Cultural Globalization; Body and Gender Roles; Changes of Identities.

The doctoral programme is integrated into the Doctoral School of Literary Sciences, fitting into its curriculum and adopting its interdisciplinary perspectives. The head of the Doctoral School is Prof. Dr. Beáta Thomka.

Doctoral Programme of Communication Sciences

This program was accredited between 1996 and 2009 at the Doctoral School of Linguistics PTE - BTK. New students are not accepted to this program anymore, however, those who are still involved in the training can receive their doctoral degrees from the University of Pécs. The main idea of the training was that communication can be interpreted not only with the help of sociology but it can also be associated with all of those processes through which the individual gets to now his socio-cultural environment, which enables him to cooperate with other individuals according to accepted rules and norms. The head of the Doctoral School is Özséb Horányi CSc.