Welcome to the Department of Communication & Media Studies

Media Usage at the 7th Ördögkatlan Festival


The Department of Communication and Media Studies was given the chance to introduce its comprehensive research on the lifestyle and media consumption of the so-called “Generation Z” at 7th Ördögkatlan Festival in Palkonya.

"Reloaded": The "Everyday Life" as a Theme and Framework – Conference Call


Conference call in connection with the TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0005 project entitled "Well-being in the Information Society".

Visiting our Transylvanian friends


A report by Annamária Torbó about the 7th New Media Conference

Transylvania. I have heard a lot of fair things about the former Hungarian territory, but unfortunately I couldn’t visit it until this March, when the New Media Conference was organized at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania by the Department of Applied Social Sciences.

Writing Newspaper at the University 2014 – Jubilee Conference of PécsiBölcsész


PécsiBölcsész has had a turbulent history over the past decade. This conference aims to recall and highlight the most important moments of these years by introducing a new volume focusing on the experiences of writers and readers of the periodical.

Artisjus Literary Award to Havasréti József


Havasréti József, lecturer of our department, will receive the  2014 Artisjus Literary Award for his monograph entitled “Szerb Antal”. Artisjus Hungarian Copyright Office Association established its Literary Award in 2006, which has become one of the most prestigious national civil literary appreciations over the past nine years. The award aims to reward and stimulate the outstanding value of art and creative work. 

November Book Launch 2013


On 20th November, 2016 at 5 pm the Communication- and Media Department of Pécs and the Gondolat Publishing Companyheld their traditional event, the “Book Review of November” which took place in the building of Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum in Budapest.

Mérték Media Festival - Workshop


Time: 7th-8th November, 2013

This event was organized by Mérték Media Workshop and the Communication- and Media Department of Pécs. The main objective of the workshop was to address the most current economic and legal questions and problems of the Hungarian media.

The Media Usage of a Generation - Conference


Time: 8th-9th November, 2013

This conference is a part of a wider scientific research program which is entitled as ‘Dissemination and Acknowledgement of Scientific Achievements’. The main objective of the conference is to gain a better understanding of how the so called ‘Generation Z’ communicates; what kind of tools they use, which channels they prefer etc. 

New Media Culture Creative Workshop at the Department


On 18th December a new media workshop was opened at the Department of Communication and Media Studies.  The studio, which is supported by the National Media and Infocommunication Authority, provides our students with the most modern media softwares and high-tech computers.
The media workshop aims to support the forthcoming generations of media experts.

Politics of Representation and Reproducing Ethnic Distinctions in the Media – with a special focus on the Roma in the Hungarian Media. (Conference, 4-5 May, 2012.)


This is a conference dealing with the representation of minorities, especially of Roma, in the context of different academic disciplines (sociology, law, cultural studies, media theory) and media practice, devoted first of all to the next generation of media workers and journalists. The proposed program of the conference consists of four sections through which different aspects of the problem will be well analyzed: